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Gaga’s new Twitter icon.

I really want to dedicate this song to the tragedy of last night, because we’re all just wandering the Earth trying to find each other. We all just want to have a good time and suck every bit of love we can out of life, and it’s so short sometimes and it’s so unfair. And sometimes things happen, I know, it’s like, we just go ‘what’s happening in the world, and why is it happening?’ So I think we should take this one moment where we’re having this good time and we just do that thing where we put our phones away and just look at each other right now in this moment. Because when you leave the Earth, nobody’s gonna give a fuck what you tweeted. Nobody’s gonna care what picture you posted or what you caught. They’re not gonna care about how famous I was. They’re going to care about what you leave here on this Earth, your footprint. They’re going to care about whose lives you saved, the people that you touched. They’re gonna care about that one person you told that one little inspirational thing to, and they look back at you and knew they weren’t alone. So be that for each other right now, and when you leave tonight, go home, grab your guitar, grab your piano, and grab your pen and paper, and don’t give up. Don’t let the machine and don’t let technology take you into a place where you don’t belong. Stay right here on the Earth, we need you. We need you to have crazy thoughts in your head. We need you to have fucked up dreams. And we need you to fight for them every single day. Don’t not do it because you don’t think it’ll ever happen. Don’t think it can’t happen because it can. I promise you. It’s happening to me right now. So just wander the Earth and spread all the compassion and love you can with every song you write, every film you make, and every bit of art you leave. Just fucking do it and you’ll be happy, I promise. —Gaga’s speech at SXSW tonight (via ladyxgaga)


New outtake from the ‘Applause’ music video featured in a new V Magazine interview with Donatella Versace.

The first time I met Lady Gaga was when she borrowed pieces from the Versace archive for “The Edge of Glory” video. Of course I knew all about her, and I was curious to meet her. The way that we met immediately told me she was someone different; she didn’t want us to make her a special piece, or to do a short-term project. She wanted to get to know the heart of the brand, almost like a student coming to do research. I thought she looked incredible in the pieces. The way she wore Versace in that video showed young people around the world the energy and attitude of Versace. 

For me, the Spring/Summer 2014 collection was about 21st-century Versace. It was about the way that women today wear Versace, women like Lady Gaga. She can be wearing the most glamorous gown, the provocative Medusa harness, or one of our rock tour T-shirts. 

It means so much that she finds strength and character through dressing in the Versace way. It’s interesting because this is how I’ve always looked, since I was a teenager. I’ve never experimented with different personas in the way that she has. It makes me admire her even more, and makes me even more grateful that she wanted to experiment with the Versace look.

Music is something that is always there in my life. In our design studio, the volume is always turned up. I love it when my young design team plays me things that excite them, even if it is something that at first I don’t understand. I like music to challenge me, to make me think, and there is something very special about Lady Gaga’s music. I love that the songs are loud, energetic, wild, and unexpected. But then I also love it when Gaga sits at a piano, on her own, and sings the same song as if it’s a ballad or a love song. The fact that she can do this shows that in every single one of her songs she has put her true heart. 



Lady Gaga on the cover of the March edition of US Harper’s Bazaar.